RIVALS of IXALAN, Main Event- Saturday, Jan. 13th, 6PM, $27


Join us for another Prerelease Weekend that can’t be beat as we
celebrate the release of RIVALS OF IXALAN.

This new set is the second part of the Ixalan story. Explore the
island of Ixalan and lay claim to the mythical golden city of Orazca!

All events are Sealed and include one Prerelease Kit, an opportunity
to play with the newest cards a week before they go on sale and a
chance at prizes for top finishers.


RIVALS of IXALAN,  Main Event, Sealed, $27

  • Saturday, Jan. 13th
    Single-Player Sealed, 6pm
    ONE Prerelease Kit.
  • Contents:
    4 Rivals of Ixalan booster packs
    2 Ixalan booster packs
    1 randomized, date-stamped, premium promo card, drawn from any rare or mythic in the set
    1 Spindown life counter
  • Raffle ticket prizes (random drawings for a variety or prizes, including new booster packs)
  • Tradition: Bacon Party (Fresh, warm bacon catered by our neighbors at Food Front Grocery)


“For centuries, the untamed jungles of Ixalan have hidden a coveted secret: Orazca, the city of gold. But no secret can remain undiscovered, and no treasure can be taken uncontested. Unfurl your sails, saddle up a dinosaur, and battle your rivals as you embark on a journey to claim the plane’s greatest fortune for yourself!”

– Wizards of the Coast

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