Magic Camp, Summer 2017, FULL WEEK, $120

$130.50 $120.00

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SUMMER MAGIC CAMP for Juniors, Age 10 – 15

Summer Camps Begin June 19th (Mon – Fri)


DAILY SCHEDULE (Mon – Fri)  9:30 AM – 2 PM (We will open around 9 for early drop-off)


Day 1, $29 (online pay available)
DAY 2, (same week) $27.55 (receive 5% off cumultive per day)
DAY 3, $26.10 (10% off)
DAY 4, $24.65 (15% off)
DAY 5, $23.20 (20% off)
TOTAL: $130.50. (if paid day-to-day) Or, pay in-advance and SAVE an extra $10.50 ( $120/week, online pay available).

SIBLING DISCOUNT is 5% of daily total but must be paid in person.

Register Online or drop-in/pay-as-you-go.  Pay for one or more days or a full week as suits your needs.

18 Player capacity each day.

Magic Camp includes lots of supervised open play, with a focus on learning the rules of the game correctly, sportsmanship, and learning variant ways of playing. One booster pack/day is included with entry. Also, instruction for beginning players, trivia, fun challenges, occasional prizes. Spring Break week is a fun, casual, relaxing time to play, socialize and get away from screen games!

Each camper must bring their own Magic deck(s) and lunch. There will be a sign-in sheet for permission to leave the store to go to outside shops.