“IXALAN” Launch, 2HG Sealed – Saturday, Sept. 30th (1PM) $24



IXALAN Launch – 2-Headed Giant Sealed

  • Saturday, Sept. 30
    NEW! 2-Headed Giant, Sealed, 1pm
    New Each player receives x6 box-boosters to mix with their teammate’s packs and then construct a 40-card deck. Rounds are single-games, NO elimination.
    Prizes in Ixalan booster packs and promo cards.
    Entry: $24


“For centuries, the untamed jungles of Ixalan have hidden a coveted secret: Orazca, the city of gold. But no secret can remain undiscovered, and no treasure can be taken uncontested. Unfurl your sails, saddle up a dinosaur, and battle your rivals as you embark on a journey to claim the plane’s greatest fortune for yourself!”

– Wizards of the Coast