Customer Testimonials


Recent Customer Feedback (from SQUARE)

“Been going to Other World’s for years now. I have always enjoyed the atmosphere that game shop promotes and their great comic book selection.”

“great store – I love the comics and board games and Ron the owner is very helpful to the kids and actually cares about them 🙂 “

“Best comic shop evar”
“Our family loves this store! It is a great community center and provides kids a place to come play games, meet friends, and hang out in a safe and social environment. We love the regular competitions as well as the ability to just drop in for a casual game. The staff is knowledgeable and the owner friendly. Thanks for your contributions to the community Other Worlds Games!”
“Great service and availability”
“This is a great store! My son really enjoys their Magic tournaments. Recently, we have been going their weekly game nights on Thursday nights. It’s a great way for my son to meet new kids and check out games he has never played before.”
“A great store with friendly staff!”
“The owner is always super-friendly and helpful, as are the other employees – it truly is the best example of a LOCAL game store, one that parents feel safe letting their kids hang out at.”
“Always enjoy going here with my son.”


2/1/16, Thank you, Ron! You are so helpful, and always kind and present.

1/27/16, Makes me feel like I’m a member of a group. And I’m just a parent!

1/26/16, Love my local game store!

1/26/16, I’d like it if you were open later and/or earlier (I work graveyard and sleep during the day) but other than that you’re perfect.

1/14/16, Very friendly people. Wonderful neighborhood store.

12/29/15, Most excellent!

12/16/15, Thanks for helping me find the right gifts and being able to suggest items. Your knowledge of the products was superior.

12/15/15, Very cool store!

11/28/15, Another excellent shopping adventure at Otherworlds Games & Comics!

11/4/15, This place is great. Lots to look at. When I couldn’t find what I was looking for the owner helped me find where it was.

11/2/15, Other Worlds is an excellent store. More importantly, the store owner and employees provide an excellent sense of community that few game stores seem to cultivate. Kudos

10/4/15, Easily one of my favorite places to shop.

10/15/15, Staff was chatty and very free with giving me there time and imput.

10/18/15, Thank you for helping me find my comic book. I really wanted it but I felt kinda weird. Because the store was full of kids and guys and I was the only girl there and I’m freaking 25…

10/30/15, Ron is da best

9/8/15, happy to unexpectedly find the perfect birthday present!

9/6/15, My son and I always feel welcome and appreciated in the store. The other customers and the clerks are all awesome.

8/31/15, Tori is amazing, she’s super helpful

8/31/15, This is a wonderful store! The comic book and game selection is outstanding. The owner and staff are always helpful and friendly. Ron specifically does so much for this community by giving kids something positive to do with their time. My son an many other neighborhood kids have benefited from this. I love supporting local business and it is always a nice thing to truly enjoy the people running local business.

8/23/15, Here’s to Random Pleasant Encounters! Her name is Tori. Thank you for your feedback. 🙂

“Great staff and owner, and very knowledgeable” 6/21/15

6/14/15, The owner was so nice and incredibly helpful. When a comic wasn’t available, he helped my two young kids find comics that would be fun and appropriate. Very good experience.

“The gentleman working the country was very nice and helpful although the store was getting ready to close. I will be back for sure!” 6/14/15

5/27/15, Ron is great. Really helpful and fun.

“The owner was so nice and incredibly helpful. When a comic wasn’t available, he helped my two young kids find comics that would be fun and appropriate. Very good experience.” 5/27/15

Really enjoyed my time drafting MM15. Very relaxed shop, good stock of cards and comics. 5/7/15,

Just great service all around. My boys and  Iwill definitely be coming back. 5/2/15,

We loved having a greeter at the door to show us around and bring up good comic options. He told us how to set up a comic box and discussed the appropriate content for our young kids.



THANK YOU ALL for the kind feedback and support.  – Other World’s Staff   🙂