New Testimonials


Recent Customer Feedback (from Square)

“Been going to Other World’s for years now. I have always enjoyed the atmosphere that game shop promotes and their great comic book selection.”

“great store – I love the comics and board games and Ron the owner is very helpful to the kids and actually cares about them 🙂 “

“Best comic shop evar”

“Our family loves this store! It is a great community center and provides kids a place to come play games, meet friends, and hang out in a safe and social environment. We love the regular competitions as well as the ability to just drop in for a casual game. The staff is knowledgeable and the owner friendly. Thanks for your contributions to the community Other Worlds Games!”

“Great service and availability”

“This is a great store! My son really enjoys their Magic tournaments. Recently, we have been going their weekly game nights on Thursday nights. It’s a great way for my son to meet new kids and check out games he has never played before.”

“A great store with friendly staff!”

“The owner is always super-friendly and helpful, as are the other employees – it truly is the best example of a LOCAL game store, one that parents feel safe letting their kids hang out at.”

“Always enjoy going here with my son.”

THANK YOU ALL for the kind feedback.  – Other World’s Staff   🙂