Newsletter, 3/31/16


Greetings and HUZZAH to all our Gaming and ComicCon-friends!     

This weekend is PRE-RELEASE WEEKEND! We will once again be immersing ourselves in our Magic-shell of geekiness with the worldwide PRE-RELEASE of ‘SHADOWS OVER INNISTRAD’!  With this set, we return to the dark, vampire and werewolf-infested world of Innistrad in this exciting, new Magic: the Gathering release. This set features the return of two-sided cards (Transform), the Madness mechanic and FOUR new Planeswalkers!

In addition to the 2-player team Magic on Saturday afternoon, at 6pm we will have a special, first-ever game store eventPRE-RELEASE/BACON PARTY!!! 

Don’t miss out on game store history! FREE BACON from our friends next door at the Food Front deli will be provided as a snack during the tournament.

As usual, our Pre-Release Weekend ‘Friday Night Magic’ booster draft will be only $10. Begins at 7pm. (drafting Origins or Battle for Zendikar/oath of the Gatewatch). At midnight we will have our first experience with the new cards with a Midnight, Sealed-Format tournament. (please see details below) Our regular Saturday and Sunday events will be postponed one week to allow room for the pre-release events.
 For your convenience, you can sign up for all pre-release events ONLINE.
“SHADOWS OVER INNISTRAD” Pre-Release Weekend, April 1st – 3rd

“On the plane of Innistrad, humanity is beset on all sides. Horrors stalk in the shadows. Terrors scratch at doors in the night.
Join us for a weekend of fun and Magic mayhem as we celebrate the WORLD PRE-RELEASE of “SHADOWS OVER INNISTRAD”! This is the next Magic: the Gathering set and the beginning of a new 2-part story block.

Many new cards, new and old card mechanics and awesome story-line will make this set an exciting addition to the Standard environment. Seating is limited at each event. Don’t miss it!

More details and sign-up info ONLINE.
This Week’s Schedule

Thursday’s, 6pm – 9pm
This has become our most popular night of the week.  Ticket prizes for playing and for winning (exchange tickets for games and other prizes). Complimentary Pizza for thos who arrive early to enjoy it. Upcoming 4 to 8-player tournaments, and more! Stop in for some table-top fun!

Friday Night Magic BOOSTER DRAFT
Friday, 7pm
You can now PAY ONLINE for this event.
Join us each week for a ‘Friday Night Magic’ booster draft that can’t be beat. Currently, the format is x2 Oath of the Gatewatch and x1 Battle for Zendikar.
Friday, April 1st, FNM will be only $10.
Prizes include booster packs (now 6 for first place, with at least 10 players) and exclusive, FNM promo cards.
April’s promo card is Blighted Fen. Entry is $15 ($14 online in advance).  For a limited time, you can also purchase a bundle of TEN booster drafts for only $100 bucks!

Saturday,  Open Hrs: 10am – 7pm
Join us early for gaming, shopping or to sit and enjoy your coffee while you ponder your life’s meaning next to the existence of the Great One, Azathoth.Saturdays are always Magic – COMMANDER days here at Other World’s Games & Comics. (except when it’s PRE-RELEASE) So bring your Commander decks and trade binders. It’s always FREE to play! NOT HAPPENING, Saturday, April 2nd, due to Pre-Release events.

Sunday, Open Hrs: 10am – 6pm
Sunday Booster Draft, 1pm, Store Credit OR bst pack prizes. Entry $14.
Sundays remain one of our favorite days for younger Magic players. Some get dropped off here for the afternoon with money in their pocket for ice cream or pizza nearby. It’s a great opportunity to learn and play with like-minded fans of the game. NOT HAPPENING, Saturday, April 2nd, due to Pre-Release events.

Place Preorders for the new, ‘SHADOWS OVER INNISTRAD’ GIFT BOX!
The Shadows over Innistrad Gift Box contains five Shadows over Innistrad booster packs, a storage box, six illustrated plastic dividers, stickers for customizing the dividers, 20 basic lands, and-the part you’re interested in-an alternate-art card. That card?
This card also showed up in the Mechanics article already, so you’ve seen how nasty it can be. But now you can see how shiny it can be! (and good it can be for the returning Madness mechanic)
Place your order today by calling us:  503-244-0290.