Newsletter, 2/19/16

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HUZZAH! Games and Comics Friends!

Spring Break is fast approaching! Once again we will be offering our Magic/Dungeons & Dragons camps for juniors, age 10 – 14. Younger than 10 with our approval. More details below. Meanwhile, this weekend is WIZARD WORLD COMIC CON! I plan to be there Saturday and meet the talented, Miss Jessica Jones! You can check out a few of our new comics releases here.
Space is filling up! Visit and register for their tournaments! All tournaments are free with purchased admission to the show.
Catch all the action on TWITCH!

We are now taking PREORDERS for next week’s release of the newest Magic Duel Decks,
“Blessed vs Cursed”.        M.S.R.P. $19.99

New Items! In-stock now!

This Weekend Schedule

Thursday’s, 6pm – 9pm,  ALL NEW BOARD GAME NIGHT! 

Complimentary Pizza for early arrivals! Ticket prizes for playing and for winning. (exchange tickets for games and other prizes). This had become our most popular night of the week! Stop in for some table-top fun!
You can now save a little by signing up for this ON OUR WEBSITE. Join us each week for a ‘Friday Night Magic’ booster draft that can’t be beat. The usual format is x2 Oath of the Gatewatch and x1 Battle for Zendikar. Prizes include booster packs and exclusive, FNM promo cards. February’s promo card is

Clash of Wills.    New price: $15 Entry, ($14 online in advance).  Also, you can purchase a bundle of TEN booster drafts for only $100 bucks!

Saturday, Open Hrs, 10am – 7pm
Join us early for gaming, shopping, or just to sit and enjoy your coffee while you ponder your life’s meaning next to the existence of the Great One, Azathoth.

Saturdays are always Magic – COMMANDER days here at Other World’s Games & Comics. So bring your Commander decks and trade binders. It’s FREE to play!
Sunday, Open 10am – 6pm
Sundays remain one of our favorite days for younger Magic players. Some get dropped off here for the afternoon with money in their pocket for ice cream or pizza nearby. It’s a great opportunity to play with like-minded fans of the game.
Sunday’s 1pm,
Sunday Draft,
Store Credit OR bst pack prizes.
 Entry $14. (ALL drafts can also be paid for ONLINE – You can use the FNM option even for Sunday)


SpringSpring Break – Magic/D&D Camps for Juniors!
Learn to play MAGIC: the Gathering or Dungeons & Dragons or both! This Spring Break we will host our famous MAGIC and D&D Camp for Juniors. For new and intermediate skill levels, age 10* – 14.

Younger than 10 with approval.
Now accepting signups!

Spring Break Week, March 21 – 25

Magic Camp, 10am – 2:30pm, $26 daily (9:30am early drop-off)
D&D Camp, 3pm – 6pm, $20 daily

Special: $40.00 for both camps each day. (10am – 6pm) $180.00 for a full week. (BEST VALUE!) Weekly rate must be paid in advance.

Magic Camp will include ONE Magic: the Gathering booster pack each day. Campers must bring or purchase their own decks for playing. They are also welcome to bring their cards for trading.  For D&D camp, campers will receive their choice of unpainted character or monster figure each day. Character sheets will be provided. Campers are encouraged to bring their own dice and Player’s Handbook (if they  have one).

Each camp will be supervised, take lunch/snack breaks and offer instruction on how to play.

Snacks/Lunch: 12pm – 12:30pm. Campers must supply their own lunches and snacks. Meals will be eaten in our game room. A beverage cooler is available if needed. Soda/water/juice/candy/chips are available for purchase. There is an ice cream store next door! (Dairy Hill ice Cream) Food from other nearby businesses is also available. (Food Front, Einstein’s Bagels, Baker & Spice, Pizzicato, etc.) Campers will not be allowed to leave the shop to get lunch without parent approval on sign-in sheet.

Camp Counselors: Ron Connell, Tori Galiel, James Roberts

Please call or email with any questions. Phone: 503-244-0290

Other Worlds does not advertise to be ‘Child Care’ professionals. We are a community game store with lots of young players who frequent our store for the enjoyment of playing table top games and socializing.

 NEWNew COMICS releasing this week!

(W) Nick Spencer (A) Mark Bagley (CA) Daniel Acuña

The prelude to the Spring’s blockbuster AVENGERS event!
Hello there and welcome, new resident. You’ve sure made the right choice in moving to Pleasant Hill– a friendly small town where burdens are lifted and the sun is always bright… so hide your eyes. Don’t let it see you looking its way. Hide if you must. Otherwise it will burn right through you. Pleasant Hill is the kind of place where folks look out for one another. Everyone knows who their neighbors are. But who are you, neighbor?
Rated T+
D. E.
(W) Rick Remender (A) Jonathan Wayshak (CA) Jae Lee

The road to salvation is lined with Nazi hillbillies and Neanderthals. Raja finds that trusting people is a bad idea. Check out the thrilling new series that Rick Remender (Black Science, Deadly Class) describes as “a heavy dose of high-octane action, character drama, a world of strange reverse mutations, and social commentary – as we follow the last tribe of humans inoculated from the devolution agent as they set out on a desperate journey to try to find a way to re-evolve life on Earth.”
(W) Ulises Farinas, Erick Freitas (A) Matt Rota & Various (CA) Ulises Farinas
Tales for the bold. Ideas for the strange. Wicked concepts that stir the minds of those with darkness in their hearts. A modern anthology that lends itself to a time when stories were short and ugly. Written by Ulises Farinas & Erick Freitas, each comic is drawn by a different amazingly talented artist, each lending their unique talents to bring horrible happiness to the readers’ skulls!

(W) Joe Harris (A/CA) Martin Morazzo
Writer JOE HARRIS (The X-Files) and artist MARTÍN MORAZZO (Vertigo Quarterly), creators of GREAT PACIFIC, reunite for a brand new ongoing science-fiction series and an OVERSIZED DEBUT ISSUE featuring thirty-two pages of story!

In the year 2045 it no longer snows. A catastrophic crash has left the climate ravaged, society splintered, and the newly-christened “Cooperative States of America” propped up and administered by the powerful Hazeltyne Corporation. Only one man wages an all-out weather war against the system, wielding the forces of nature themselves as weapons. He is the White Wizard. The ghost in the night. Genius. Terrorist. Outlaw. Hero?