SUMMER ‘Magic/D&D Camp,’ Weekdays, June 13 – August 31


SUMMER 2016 – Magic/D&D Camp,  June 13 – August 31, (Weekdays Only)

There is no camp on Monday, July 4th. Store will be CLOSED for the holiday.

Magic Camp, 9:30am – 2pm 

(9am early drop-off, up to 5 hrs of supervision and Magic instruction!)

Sign-up online, over the phone or in-person. Daily limit : 18 players.

Multiple-Day discounts for Magic Camp as follows:

Magic Camp is $29 for one day, or $120/Week  (SAVE $25 when paid in advance). If not paid in advance, multiple days in the SAME week have a cumulative 5% discount. Discounts for both camps reset each Monday.

Day 2, receive 5% off your total for that day, ($27.55)
Day 3, receive 10% off ($26.10)
Day 4, receive 15% off ($24.65)
Day 5, receive 20% off ($23.20)

Total: $130.50.  Or, PAY IN-ADVANCE for ONE full week:  $120/week.

D&D Camp, 2:30pm – 5:30pm

Sign-up online, over the phone or in-person. Daily limit: 8 players.

D&D Camp is $25 for individual days. $110/Week. (must be paid in advance for weekly price). Camp limit is 8 players/day.

Multiple-day discounts for D&D Camp are as follows:

Day 2, receive 5% off your total for that day, ($23.75)
Day 3, receive 10% off ($22.50)
Day 4, receive 15% off ($21.25)
Day 5, receive 20% off ($20.00)

Total: $112.50. Or, PRE-REGISTER Special! $99/week.  (Must pay/register in advance)

BOTH CAMPS, Full Day: $45/day, $219/week.


About the Camp:

This Summer, Other World’s Games & Comics will host our FAMOUSLY FUN,  Magic: the Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) Camps. Each camp involves the learning and playing of Magic: the Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons. Along with the possibility of some in-house board games and even some Magic/Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings/Star Wars Trivia for prizes! Both camps are priced separately and are intended for new and intermediate players, ages 10 – 15. Younger than 10 with approval by the management. Our concerns are mostly Attention Span and appropriate Reading/Math skills.

Daily/Weekly scheduling is designed to be flexible to suit your Summer needs.

Campers can go consecutive days each week or skip days or even weeks as needed to fit your schedule. We understand that Summer Break can seem long and unforseen weeks or days may open up and allow your camper to participate again later in the Summer.

Magic Campers receive x1 Magic booster pack each day. Magic Campers must bring or purchase their own decks, dice, supplies. They are encouraged to bring multiple decks and cards for trading. For D&D campers: Character sheets, pencils and note paper and other playing aids will be provided. Players are encouraged to bring their own PLAYER’S HANDBOOKS and DICE to even SHARE with other campers if needed. Other awards may be given.

Each camp will be supervised, enjoy a lunch/snack break and offer instruction on how to play the games. Sportsmanship will be emphasized, as well as an introduction to the collectible and more expensive aspect of Magic: the Gathering. Campers will NOT be allowed to leave the store for lunch or breaks without their parent’s signature on our daily sign-in sheet.

Snacks/Lunch: 12pm – 12:30pm. Campers must supply their own lunches and snacks. Meals will be eaten in our game room. A beverage cooler is available if needed. Soda/water/juice/candy/chips are available for purchase. There is an ice cream store next door! (Dairy Hill ice Cream) Food from other nearby businesses is also available. (Food Front, Einstein’s Bagels, Baker & Spice, Pizzicato, etc.)
Other Worlds does not advertise to be ‘Child Care’ professionals. What we ARE is a community game store with lots of young players who frequent our store for the enjoyment of playing table top games and socializing. We thank you in advance for your consideration and putting your trust in us to provide a safe and fun, learning environment for your kids. They may even make some new friends!

Camp Counselors:  Ronald Connell, Tori Galiel, James Roberts, Sidney Roll, Jack Bride, Flynn Lors

Please call or email with any questions.

Phone:  503-244-0290